Social Church Academy by Social Church
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Social Church Academy, the social media framework for churches that will take you from zero to hero.

Whether social media is another responsibility for you or your primary focus, this training course will lay out a step-by-step plan that will help you save time, see more engagement, and reach people for your church like you never though possible.

Social Church Academy

Enrollment is closed
"Social Church Academy is the best system I've seen for churches who want to win at social media."
Ryan Wakefield, Church Marketing University

Hi, I'm Josh, creator of Social Church Academy

Having worked with both ministries and businesses, I see how often the church gets it wrong when it comes to reaching people with the Gospel.  I want to change that.

I know that social media isn't easy, especially if you have a thousand other things to concentrate on. But I also know that it is the biggest opportunity for every church, so I want to give you a plan for social that will make you the church's social media hero.

Here's exactly what you'll learn in the Academy:

And once you purchase the course, you'll have access to these lessons forever (whether registration is open or closed) as well as any new lessons and tools that are added as well.

  1. Strategy
    In this module, we'll create a winning strategy that will help your church define your social goals, then get on the path to reaching them.
  2. Audience
    This module is all about the people you are trying to reach.  We'll define your church's avatar, and help you focus your social media messaging.
  3. Listening
    Social media is more telephone, less megaphone. In this module, we'll set up social listening channels to enable you to know what conversations are happening around you.
  4. Planning & Scheduling
    In this module, we'll dive into the best methods and tools for planning your content out, so you can get away from last-minute content and focus on your best ideas.
  5. Content Creation
    The content creation module will help give you a new perspective on the best ways to create awesome, engaging content.
  6. Analytics & Reporting
    The best churches measure and adjust, based on the feedback from their analytics. We'll show you exactly how to go through that process.
  7. Processes
    The first step in multiplication (aka not doing everything on your own) is having processes.  This module will help you start to create some of those processes, as well as give you great examples of processes your church can use for social media.
  8. Volunteers
    Getting and enabling volunteers is often something churches aren't great at, especially when it comes to social media.  We'll help you not only find volunteers, but enable them to "share the load" a bit.
  9. Social Ads
    Social ads help take your message further, faster.  We'll give you the best strategies for effectively using social ads to help your church reach more people with less effort.


Who is Social Church Academy for?

Social Church Academy is built for the church social media manager or Pastor who could be awesome at social media if they had the time to sit down and learn all the latest tips and tricks.  The Academy gives you an easy-to-use step-by-step framework for building a winning social strategy, doing more in less time, and reaching more people in your community.

Who is Social Church Academy not for?

Social Church Academy isn't for the people who are looking for the "silver bullet" that will solve all of their social media problems without any investment of time or energy.  It gives you a guide for how to lay out your plan and makes things easier, but it's not a done-for-you approach. 

How long will I have access to Social Church Academy?

Social Church Academy purchasers get lifetime access.  That means not only can you access the course materials at any time, but you also get access to new lessons and tools as they are made available, totally free.

Can I get a refund if Social Church Academy isn't for me?

Yes, you can get a refund if you don't like Social Church Academy.  We'll never keep someone's money who doesn't find value in what they paid for. 

When does the Academy start and end?

Social Church Academy begins when you purchase it and ends 9 weeks later - a module opens up every week.